My Arms Wide Open (MAWO)



  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Staff6-25
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded2009
The My Arms Wide Open® Foundation, was established to provide support and collaboration with mothers, children, and youth in South Africa, enabling them to build sustainable communities and responsible businesses. With stronger families, communities emerge as a solid foundation for society. In the process they re-engage fathers to repair the family unit. In their definition, mothers include women who are caring for children and include child-led households,working within the pre-teen and teen groups. Fathers include the fathers, young males and adult males within the community. Born in South Africa, Warren Te Brugge has spent most of his life traveling the world working over 35 years on 5 continents in over 40 countries, gaining a deep understanding of cultures. He has learned that no matter how different every culture may be,it defines what is important by the same things: security; family; health and harmony among their peoples. My Arms Wide Open is works to create opportunities the result in economic value that remains within and to the benefit of communities. For many of us they are born in to very fortunate circumstances, not because they chose them but simply because of where their parents live. The same goes for people born into unfortunate circumstances like war, poverty and extreme male centered cultures and communities. They strive to see the person and look to what they do bring to the table, to create the life and circumstances they’d like and deserve. As a result of the imbalances created almost singularly by men in their world, we, more often than not, work with women and children in disadvantaged communities to the benefit of all members of communities.

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