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  • Founded2013

Myanmar Alliance for Transparency and Accountability (MATA)

Myanmar Alliance for Transparency and Accountability, (MATA for short) is a national network comprised of over 450 civil society actors and individuals from all of Myanmar’s 14 states and regions. MATA supports members to collaboratively examine economic, political and social reform issues and to advocate for transparency and accountability of governance in Myanmar – with a focus on extractive industries. MATA was formed during 2013 amid heightened civil society activity around the EITI mechanism. A number of civil society actors had focused on EITI before 2013 however the alliance formed a critical mass following a commitment from the President of Myanmar to join EITI. In October 2013, a core group of civil society actors collaboratively organised an EITI National Conference of CSOs. These groups formed MATA – then named the Myanmar Coalition 4 Transparency; subsequently changed to reflect a focus on accountability issues. Mission The mission of MATA is ensure the participation of citizens and civil society and the incorporation of the principles of transparency and accountability in the development and implementation of policies, laws and guidelines in Myanmar.  Vision The vision of MATA is that civil society efforts for transparency and accountability lead to a sustainable federal democracy in Myanmar.  Objectives MATA will try very hard to achieve the following objectives for the success of its goals: - Full transparency, responsibility and accountability in natural resource governance; - Increase CSO’s participation in nation building and the overall legal reform process; - Improve public participation in decision making process of natural resources governance, especially the revenue and resource governance in national and sub-national level; - Promotion of human resources and environmental protection; - Improved CSOs participation in collaboration with key stakeholders to fight against the corruption; - Capacity building and empowerment of civil society organizations and the communities for public participation in natural resource management; and - Promotion of broad communication and cooperation mechanism and access to information.
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