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Namidabashi Lab


  • Founded2015
Namidabashi Lab was established in July 2015, near the Namidabashi area in San’ya, Tokyo. Our tagline is “Drop tears of relief,” and we offer consultation services for, and work toward creating a space for dialogue in matters pertaining to international cooperation, town development, health and social welfare services, and cultural and artistic activities. In particular, we aim to help clients understand what has happened and how the happenings have been shaped in the minds and surroundings of each person involved in the projects, activities, or services, by developing a meaningful relationship with them and becoming sensitized to be their issues.

Company Offices

  • Japan
  • Tokyo
  • 101 SilverPia Nihonzutsumi 1-1-10 Nihonzutsumi Taito-ku Tokyo 111-0021