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National Agency for State Information Systems (Djibouti) (ANSIE)

THE NATIONAL AGENCY OF THE STATE INFORMATION SYSTEMS HAS THE MISSIONS TO GUIDE, ANIMATE AND COORDINATE THE ACTIONS OF THE ADMINISTRATIONS OF THE STATE WITH A VIEW TO IMPROVING THE QUALITY, EFFICIENCY, EFFICIENCY AND RELIABILITY OF THE SERVICE PROVIDED BY INFORMATION SYSTEMS. The National Agency for State Information Systems has the mission of orienting, animating and coordinating the actions of the State administrations aiming to improve the quality, effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of the service provided. by information systems. It ensures that these systems contribute in a coherent manner to simplify the relations between the users and the State administrations and between them and the other administrative authorities. It organizes and oversees the design and implementation of operations for pooling State IT resources. By contributing to the specific needs of the State in terms of information and communication technologies, it contributes to promoting innovation and competitiveness in this sector of the national economy.
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