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National Agency for Water Supply and Sanitation

The National Agency for Water Supply and Sanitation is the only state body specialized in the field of drinking water supply, sewage and white water sewerage and their treatment (water infrastructure). It technically supports the policies of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, in accordance with the legislation and policies of the Government set out in the sectoral strategies.  AKUK's role in the field of its activity is to accomplish through its legal and technical authority, coordination and monitoring of water supply, sewage treatment and treatment activities for the entire population of the country, cooperation with local governments and bodies of water infrastructure management.  To accomplish its mission in support of the overall framework of the Ministry's activity, AKUK:  - Drafts the strategic framework for the development and management of the water supply and sewerage sector in the country;  - Proposes the annual investment planning from the State Budget based on the needs presented by the Local Government / Sh.a Water Supply and Sewerage Units and presents it for approval to the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy;  - Provides financing through the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, local cost, customs and VAT refunds, approved contracts funded by foreign donors.  - Proposes the standards and technical specifications for Water Supply and Sewerage and sends them for approval to the relevant bodies; - Drafts and prepares draft legal and sub-legal acts related to the field of drinking water management and distribution, organized removal and treatment of used waters;   - Organizes and directs work on identifying new projects in the water infrastructure sector;  - Follows reforms undertaken by the Government to improve management, operation and improvement of sector indicators by supporting Local Government Units and water management entities;  - Prepare the documentation and follow the progress of development of alternative forms of management in the Water Supply and Sewerage Sector; - Cooperates with central and local institutions, foreign donors, domestic or foreign NGOs, interested in the development of the water infrastructure sector.  - Cooperates with the National Water Council Secretariat and Water Basin Agencies for an efficient management of water resources especially for those used for drinking water;  - Organizes and directs work on investment procurement (studies, design, maintenance, rehabilitation, new constructions) according to the legislation in force;  - Follows the progress of projects with foreign donors through project implementation units subordinated to it and is responsive to their performance. Agrees with the Project Management Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy for water infrastructure projects; - Promotes and implements appropriate realistic policies in the water supply and sewerage sector in Albania, through the effective implementation of the monitoring program;  - Organizes and directs the collection of data from all water supply and sewerage companies operating in the country's territory, reviews and evaluates data periodically, maintains their integrity, develops realistic benchmarking standards within the sector, monitors the progress of enterprise analyzed in order to improve their performance, all based on labor indicators;  - Cooperates with the Civil Emergency Sector and interested institutions in the design and implementation of programs for the provision of water infrastructure facilities;  - Follows and develops relations with international organizations and institutions for the water infrastructure sector;  - Organizes and directs the qualification of AKUK staff and water supply and sewerage enterprises through courses and seminars held in and out of the country;  - Follows and monitors the level of water supply and wastewater service utilization by identifying the problems, giving way to their solution by informing in every case the Ministry's Heads of Mission. - Enables public awareness campaigns to promote new co-operation techniques with the community in solving the problems of water supply and sewerage enterprises, increasing the level of water payment by consumers, reducing drinking water waste, etc.  - Follows the progress of campaigns organized by Enterprises and AKUK.
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