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When most charter school laws were first passed in the 1990s, NACSA understands the potential of charters to improve public education options for families. But they didn’t yet understand how essential good authorizers would be to the quality and quantity of those schools. Nor did they know what actions were most important for authorizers to take to ensure a strong charter school sector. But individuals doing this work soon learned what tools and resources were necessary, and began to share information informally with each other. In 2000, a small group gathered in Detroit to hold the inaugural meeting of a new membership organization of charter school authorizers. Since then, NACSA has grown into an organization with 30 staff and 175 member organizations representing more than 1,200 professionals. NACSA is funded by foundations, state and federal government, and member dues. Vision All children will have access to public schools that prepare them for success in life. Mission The National Association of Charter School Authorizers works to increase and improve quality educational opportunities for children by strengthening charter school authorizing. Beliefs Their nation needs to provide better schools to more children by: Improving families’ access to quality schools Providing educators the autonomy they need for schools to excel Holding schools accountable for their performance For charter schools to play a vital role in providing better schools: Quality authorizing is essential. Quality authorizers ensure access, autonomy, and accountability. Authorizers are responsible for the overall performance of their portfolios of schools.

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