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National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces

Mission Statement: Because of the deep crisis in Syria, our country, and the struggle our people are facing, all political opposition factions and have come together in unity with the goal of overthrowing the Assad regime, ending the suffering of the Syrian people, and to make the transition towards a free and democratic country. This coalition will comprise of leadership that will mobilize efforts to support and strengthen our people and represent the goals of this revolution in the best way possible. The coalition will do everything in its power to reach the goal of overthrowing the Assad regime and bring victory to the revolution both inside and outside of Syria. In the period leading to the formation of the coalition, many oppositional groups and members, as well as politicians, met to discuss options and ways to unify the effort. These discussions were well received on the international platform. These meetings culminated during a three -day period in Doha beginning on November 8th, 2012, which resulted in an agreement between the oppositional groups and the Syrian National Council to establish “The National Syrian Coalition”. Goals: The goal of the National Syrian Coalition are to establish an executive branch that will carry out the following goals: - To unify support for the joint leadership of the military council, the revolutionary council, and the FSA - To generate a fund to support the Syrian people through international coordination - To create a Syrian National Legal Committee - To establish a transitional government after receiving international recognition
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