National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Illegal Migration (Macedonia)

Who are they? The Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, reacting decisively against human trafficking and illegal migration, in order to achieve a higher level of efficiency and joint action in the fight against these phenomena in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, in March 2001 adopted a Decision to establish a National Commission. for the fight against human trafficking and illegal migration of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. In accordance with this Decision, the Government adopted a Decision on the appointment of a National Coordinator and members of the National Commission. Their main goals are: to monitor and analyze the situation with human trafficking and illegal migration, to coordinate the activities of the competent institutions and to cooperate with international and non-governmental organizations involved in solving problems in the field of human trafficking. The National Commission has an inter-institutional composition, ie members of the following institutions are involved in its work: Ministry of Interior; Ministry of Labor and Social Policy; Ministry of Education and Science; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Justice; The Public Prosecutor's Office; Judiciary; Who helps them in their work?  In 2003, in order to more efficiently carry out the activities of the Commission, a Secretariat of the Commission was established, as well as a Subgroup for Combating Child Trafficking. Their task is to implement the decisions of the Commission and to actively coordinate cooperation with international and non-governmental organizations involved in the fight against human trafficking. What has been done so far?  From the beginning of its work in 2001 until today, the National Commission has initiated and proposed to the Government several amendments to the Criminal Code and other laws in order to more effectively prosecute human traffickers, as well as provide protection for victims of these crimes. After the introduction of the crime of human trafficking in 2002 until today, the Criminal Code criminalizes the acts of smuggling of migrants, organizing a group to incite and commit acts of trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants and trafficking in minors. Furthermore, Standard Operating Procedures for dealing with victims have been adopted, a state center for accepting and sheltering victims of human trafficking has been established, several national action action plans have been implemented. A huge number of trainings and full institutionalization of the National Referral Mechanism and the office of the National Coordinator have been realized. Our most important benefit is the constant and open communication with all relevant domestic and international partners that can help us improve the fight against human trafficking. What are their visions and plans for the future? Encourage judges and prosecutors to speed up investigative and judicial proceedings against human traffickers and migrant smugglers and to punish them as severely as possible. Let's be even more present in the local communities that are recruitment bases for victims of human trafficking in the Republic of Macedonia. To make life easier and more satisfying for victims after their exploitation by engaging them in reintegration processes.
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Company Offices

  • Macedonia (FYROM) (headquarters)
  • Skopje
  • Office of the National Coordinator st. "Dimche Mirchev" No. 9
  • 1000