Newport Women's Aid was established in September 1975. It is an organisation run by women, serving women in the community, who are suffering from domestic abuse. They now have two refuges in Newport, they also have outreach and aftercare workers that support women in the community. Additionally, they run a number of programmes which empower women in making decisions in their life. Newport Women’s Aid Aims: •To provide temporary refuge for women and their children who have had to leave   their   homes because of physical and/or mental violence. •To encourage women to determine their own future and to help them achieve this, whether   this involves returning home or starting a new life. •To recognise and care for the emotional needs of the children involved. •To offer support, information and help to any woman who requests it. •To offer support and aftercare to any women who have left   the   refuge. •To give each refuge resident an Individual Support Plan (ISP)   in order to identify needs. ISP is reviewed regularly and   appropriate action taken. •To provide a resettlement service to those families leaving   refuge accommodation, which can offer practical and   emotional support within the community. •To educate and inform the public, media, police, courts,   social   services and any   other organisations of the   incidence   of   violence towards women, mindful of the fact   that this is   the   result of the general position of women in society.

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