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NeXus Hub Inc

The uncovered relationships among collaboration, innovation, technological change, economic growth and global market penetration, led them to take a strategic, grassroots approach in making a meaningful difference in Guyana’s nascent tech industry. NeXus Hub Inc. has three major objectives: TO FOSTER COLLABORATION by providing: a well-equipped, physical space for developers to meet, work, socialize and innovate, together. a custom social network platform and skills showcase for developers to connect, share content, promote their work and collaborate. group-driven programmes as well as the annual NeXus Connect Event with design challenges, mixers and deep dives which solve social problems with tech while demonstrating the power of collaboration. TO SUPPORT INNOVATION by providing: physical and online collaborative environments for developers. “tech toys” for exposure and product development (such as the Raspberry Pi, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, BBC Microbit and the eMotiv Headset). accelerator programmes for innovators to receive the funding and mentorship necessary to take products to market. TO CREATE OPPORTUNITIES by: running funded apprenticeship programmes to mentor new generations of developers by resident software teams. facilitating connections among businesses, investors and developers through their online platform and annual NeXus Connect Event. providing a transparent platform through which agencies and humanitarians may combine their efforts to help grow and shape Guyana’s technology industry.  
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