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Niva Pereyaslavshchina

The Niva Pereyaslavshchina group of companies is a vertically integrated business model that allows implementing a strategy of effective development of the company with maximization of value added at all stages of the business process: growing and preserving cereals - production of mixed fodders - fattening pigs - slaughtering and meat processing - sales of products TM "P'yatachok" in its own trading network and through distributors. Crop production satisfies the needs of the Niva Pereyaslavshchina Group of Companies for raw materials for the production of mixed fodders and gives an opportunity to earn money on the sale of grain crops. The group of companies "Niva Pereyaslavshchina" owns a downhole shop and a shop for the production of meat products. The created business model enables the Niva Pereyaslavschina Group of companies to control the quality of finished products at all levels of the production process, and also to achieve high profitability indicators at every stage of production by means of performance management. The group of companies has successfully worked on the territory of 23 village councils, which are located in five regions of the left bank of the Kiev region for 20 years. It all started with 500 hectares of land, and now the total area of ​​processing is almost 23,000 hectares of arable land, more than 6,000 leased us shares of citizens who have entrusted us their land. Having concluded more than 8 thousand long-term lease agreements, from 2015 the group of companies went to meet the shareholders, raising the rent from 5% to 9% of the normative monetary valuation of land, and in 2017 up to 11%. Since its foundation, social responsibility and assistance to local communities are among the priorities of the Group of Companies. In the summer of 2015, the Charitable Foundation Niva Pereyaslavlia was founded. Between 2015 and the end of 2017, charitable assistance worth UAH 24,733,000 was provided to shareholders for their personal appeals, local communities, educational complexes, pre-school educational and sports institutions, hospitals, district administration of social protection, free production of own production for feeding children in educational institutions. Air pollution, water resources, the problem of garbage and household waste are just a small list of problems that environmentalists and authorities are trying to solve, creating new energy saving programs and improving energy efficiency. A group of companies does not stand by this problem. As part of the energy efficiency management, the company has built and successfully exploited 10 modern biotechnologies in straw (manufactured by Maskinfabrikken Faust ApS, Denmark), which allow the complete abandonment of natural gas. Ecologically clean thermal energy, it is enough for all the pig farms of the company. In 2017, a group of companies made another successful step on the way to energy independence. A steam boiler "Linka-N" was purchased with a steam output of 2.5 tons per year, and in the autumn a boiler plant operating on straw was launched and produces steam pairs for the production site in the village. Pereyaslavl This method has one more significant plus, because straw is a rather economical resource. Its use is 12 times cheaper than using natural gas. In 2017 in the village of Pereyaslavskoye built modern sewage treatment facilities for the treatment of industrial waste water that meets European standards. The manufacture, installation and installation of the equipment are performed by the leading European company in the field "Schneider Abwassertechnik GmbH", Austria. In pig farms, industrial effluents are introduced into the manure removal process (self-propelled system), and later in the concrete concrete lagoons (garbage collectors), developed according to the technology and designed for the type of sewage system with a reserve, which is used to ensure the sewage work of large cities. Thus, the lagoons provide complete environmental and sanitary and epidemiological safety. The manure from the lagoon is exported to the fields of the Group of Companies, according to the scheme developed by the Kyiv Oblast State Design and Technology Center for the protection of soil fertility and product quality, their recommendations and the analysis of soil. As a result of the analysis to determine the soil bonite and assess their condition in the ball system, they have a clear improvement of the soil condition. At the initial stage, before placing the manure was 67 points, after repeated manure the bonite grew to a value of 76 points. The company plans to build the most modern meat processing plant with a capacity of 240 heads/hour, which will be certified according to European standards.
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