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Noé works mainly on the preservation of local biodiversity, this most often ordinary biodiversity on which they depend on a daily basis for the multiple goods and services it provides. Noé's missions aim to: Reconnecting Man to Nature Now mostly urban, man has lost contact with nature. With its environmental education programs and its many educational tools, Noé makes everyone aware of the beauty of nature and the need to protect it. To respect, you must first become aware, understand and know. Restore ordinary biodiversity By destroying natural environments, man has greatly altered the functioning and capacity of ecosystems to produce ecological goods and services used daily by humans. And it is the thousands of species of common plants and animals that surround us (ordinary biodiversity), which make nature's plant work. This is the case for example of wild pollinators, such as butterflies, bees or beetles, essential for the production of our fruits and vegetables. Today, we need to repay this natural debt and restore nature and its functionality. Protect natural areas internationally Safeguarding large protected areas and productive ecosystems on which the rural communities of southern countries depend is a gesture of international solidarity essential to safeguard the remarkable biodiversity of developing countries. The National Parks and Protected Areas of these countries need the support of NGOs like Noah who run projects involving all local actors and promoting training and local capacity building. Save endangered species The extinction of a living species on the planet is irreversible. Also we have a moral responsibility to protect all living species, heritage of humanity and future generations. Noé contributes to this through its conservation programs for endangered species, in mainland France, but also in French overseas communities and internationally.
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