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NORRAG is a global membership-based network of international policies and cooperation in education, established in 1986. NORRAG’s core mandate and strength is to produce, disseminate and broker critical knowledge and to build capacity among the wide range of stakeholders who constitute its network. These stakeholders inform and shape education policies and practice, both at national and international levels, and are united by a shared commitment to principles of social justice, equity and quality in education. Through its work, NORRAG actively contributes to critical dialogue on global developments in education by mobilising and disseminating diverse voices, multiple perspectives, facts and evidence. NORRAG builds on its distinctive global “brand” and network representing academia, government, NGOs, international organizations, foundations and the private sector. NORRAG is a global network of 5,000 registered members in 171 countries, 48% from the global South. The Network shares a vision of education development which: Conceives of education as a life-long process and therefore supports education and vocational skills development in and out of school, across the lifespan and in different educative sites, Gives equal weight to knowledge and expertise from the Global North/West and the Global South/East and promotes the “voices of the South” and the “voices of the East”, respectively, Bridges policy and research by providing data-based policy advice and by carrying out policy-relevant analytical work and research. By providing and stimulating innovative and critical knowledge and perspectives on the interaction between international and national policies, we seek to inform and influence policies and practice on a number of key themes and thematic clusters of work, including: International Policy Agendas and Global Governance: SDG4-Education 2030 Agenda; Governance, International Geneva and new actors; Education in fragility; Politics of data and indicators Right to Education/Human Rights-Based Approaches in Basic Education: Bilingual education; Second-chance education; RTE policies, “best practices” and experiences; Teacher policy Private Sector Engagement in Education and Innovative Finance: Public-Private Partnerships; Philanthropy in education; Domestic resource mobilization The Basic Education-Vocational Skills Development (VSD) nexus:  Basic education and VSD interactions; Skills development for the marginalized and drop-outs; Policies and practice in the global South. NORRAG’s scope of work is organized as follows: Research and Knowledge Production: Policy research and analytical work and various NORRAG publications such as NORRAG Special Issue, the blog and working papers Policy Dialogue and Knowledge Dissemination: Events, workshops and conference series Capacity Development: Professional development programmes, institutional capacity building, and collaborative research with and amongst our partners.
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