• Organization TypeIndependent/None
  • HeadquartersRomania


Production : We produce clean energy, safely, at a competitive cost and at an affordable price Economic: We   develop a strong company and add value to your interests Social:   Cream development conditions Characteristics: high value of the installed capacity utilization factor; at an equal installed power a nuclear group produces a quantity of energy double that of the conventional ones; lack of greenhouse gas emissions; low dependence on the cost of energy produced by variations in the price of uranium, due to its low weight compared to other types of energy; high technical level of operating personnel, reasonable level of generation costs; nuclear energy fully meets the requirements of security of supply, sustainable development and competitiveness.
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Company Offices

  • Romania (headquarters)
  • Bucharest
  • Bucharest 010494 Sector 1 Str. Polona nr.65 CP 22-102