• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO, Service Providers
  • Founded2015
At O2, they are dedicated to improving high risk fisheries globally-- the fisheries that face the toughest sustainability issues and have the most to gain from improvements. They work hand-in-hand with commercial fisheries to design plans for improvement, and they stick around to help them achieve these goals. They envision a future with healthy aquatic ecosystems, a plentiful and profitable wild seafood supply, and thriving fishing communities. Their mission is to work with communities and the seafood industry to improve the sustainability of high risk fisheries. They cultivate deep relationships with fishermen, seafood buyers, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations to uncover and implement local solutions to systems level problems in globally significant fisheries. Their experience on the water is strong. Incubated and launched by Wild Salmon Center, O2 builds on a decade of work promoting sustainable wild salmon fisheries. In the new, independent form they are a global fishery improvement organization, concentrating the entire mission on helping fisheries become sustainable so that they continue to produce healthy seafood and income for fishing communities well into the future.  

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