• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO, Association
  • Founded2014

Ojo Publico

What is Ojo Publico? It is a digital media of investigative journalism and new narratives that aims to offer an increasingly rare cocktail: relevant stories, real news, well written texts and innovative information tools on urgent issues of the national public agenda. It is a team of experienced reporters who take on the challenge of readers: be uncomfortable with power, vigilantes of democracy, put our eyes on the service of the citizen interest instead of promoting the interests of others.  In this place the nonsense disguised as journalism, the baseless gossip and the smokescreens are forbidden. All that already remains in the kiosk on the corner. Here we practice the maxim that guides the great undertakings of the free press: we publish the stories we would like to see and read in order to be truly informed. We are committed to the surveillance and control of state and corporate power, transnational organized crime, corruption in all its forms and other threats against the public interest, the environment and human rights.
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