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  • Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Staff6-25
  • Founded2006
Background ODFL shows people the power they really have in the world.  Consider teenagers. There are 24 million of them in America. If each contributes just one dollar we can build more than 1,000 schools every year in the developing world.  THAT is power.  Or, what about adults? A single adult can get a classroom built in Nicaragua, a computer lab in Malawi, or a medical clinic in Nepal. Just round up some friends or colleagues and go! This is empowerment like we’ve never known before. It comes from the big power of small numbers. As the African Bantu expression says: “Even the greatest waterfall starts with a single drop of water.Teenage Empowerment How does ODFL empower teenagers? They give them practical tools to make the world a better place. Then, they show them tangible proof of the better world they have helped build. The result is a sense of pride, connection, and competence. It is available to every teenager in the country. Adult Empowerment ODFL Philanthropreneurs allows adults to build high impact projects in developing world villages. Philanthropreneurs assemble their own team of donors, choose the project they want, and all make a small donation to make it happen. ODFL oversees everything from budgets to schedules and more. They report back to you on the progress of the project YOU helped fund. The results are satisfied investors, a better world, and a process for inspiring and empowering millions of other philanthropreneurs.   Developing World Projects ODFL has built 92 classrooms, medical clinics, computer labs, irrigation systems, and other critical infrastructure projects in the developing world. These projects give a chance at life where there was none before. They provide education, increase self-sufficiency, or improve health outcomes for entire communities. These projects are literally changing the world.   The Vision ODFL is building a world of creative activists, millions of people committing small acts of generosity to bring about a better world. Each of those acts has an impact. Most importantly, they make the actor a bigger person. As people grow and continue to act, the effect multiplies. Soon, others are joining and the effect is magnified again. It spreads. Before long, we’re seeing real change, not just in ourselves, but in our world. We find ourselves Bigger People, with enormous power, and the world a Better Place, because of us. This is not fantasy. It’s happening now. It’s available to you.    

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