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One Parent Families Scotland (OPFS) aims to encourage and enable parents across Scotland to make the most of the opportunities availa)ble to them so they can flourish as happy, healthy and achieving families. One Parent Families Scotland provides help to all single parent families; mums, dads, young parents and kinship carers. Encourage and help lone parents to believe in themselves, discover new talents, enter education, training or work and take up new interests. Expand opportunities for parents and their children to be positive contributors to Scotland’s growth. Provide vital childcare services – allowing parents to work, learn and expand their social networks. Use investments by funders and sponsors to create new social capital.­ One Parent Families Scotland has been dedicated to supporting lone parents since 1944. They already play an enormous part in enhancing the lives of parents and children, but they need to do even more – the special challenges they deal with are still there and on the increase. Vision A Scotland in which all families, without exception, can prosper from life’s opportunities. Mission To ensure that one parent families have the support, contacts, and confidence needed to play a full part in Scotland’s economic and social life.

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