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One Spark Academy

One Spark Academy is a unique learning center for homeschooled or independent study students in 6th-8th-grade, with some classes available for 9th-12th. Their classes are small in size so that their instructors have time to be attentive, and so students have a relaxed atmosphere in which to think, ask questions, and learn things that matter. When children are active participants in their learning, what they learn becomes more relevant. Making learning relevant to the world around them is vital, as is providing a context-driven course of study. Context-driven lessons and activities allow students to recall and utilize what they know already, and apply that prior knowledge to new experiences. Thus, the learning and practice of basic, fundamental skills become part of the process, not the goal itself. As children and teens mature, they work toward the goal of being confident, participatory, socially responsible, and independent life-long learners. One Spark Academy provides an inclusive, flexible educational experience that combines current educational research, common sense, and attention to various needs and learning styles to move each child forward. Many of their courses involve interdisciplinary, project-based activities. Their educators incorporate the latest educational resources and online programs and find what works best for each learner while using as much or as little of a child’s homeschool course of study as each family desires. And, a dynamic, responsive learning environment is only possible when the student to adult ratio is dramatically lowered, so their small classroom size ranges from 5 to 14 participants, dependent on the subject and the needs of their participants in each class. They aim to help their students be inspired and engaged in their learning, putting them on a path to success in tomorrow’s world!
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