The company Ortus Malgrain exports grains and oil crops to Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, India, Pakistan and South-East Asia. Ortus Malgrain was founded in 2011 following the reorganization of the export department of the largest agricultural holding company in the northwest region - ALADUSHKIN Group - into an independent company within the holding Maltsev Alliance Group. Thanks to this transformation, they have managed to become recognized specialists in the export of grain in the shortest time. Ortus Malgrain is currently a dynamically developing trading company, consisting of top-class specialists who are prepared to offer their clients fast solutions, adapted to their requirements. Ortus Malgrain has official representative offices in Rostov, Krasnodar, Saratov and Volgograd regions. This allows us to quickly react to changing conditions on the grain market and offer clients the volumes they need at competitive prices. The main grain and oil crops supplied by the company are food wheat, rye, food and fodder barely, fodder corn, linseed, chickpeas and peas. MISSION AND STRATEGIC GOAL Ortus Malgrain’s mission is to ensure reliable long-term cooperation with maximum efficiency in the widest possible area. The strategic goal is to have Ortus Malgrain recognized as the leading exporter of grain in the northwest region by ensuring reliable supplies, expanding its sales markets and supplying agricultural produce of the highest quality.

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  • Russian Federation (headquarters)
  • Saint Petersburg
  • 57 ul. Dnepropetrovskaya, letter "A"


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29 Dec 2017

Provision of Wheat

United Nations (UN)
18 Sep 2017