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Osservatorio Sulla Sicurezza e Difesa CBRNe (OSDIFE)

This is the first Italian observatory dedicated to the knowledge of risk with particular attention to the CBRNe sector. The OSDIFE Observatory is an independent scientific place of study, monitoring, analysis and dissemination. It was born from the meeting of a group of experts, researchers and professionals convinced of the need for a national observatory able to deepen and spread the knowledge of CBRNe risk. It carries out research on the dynamics of terrorist events, natural events, accidental events, environmental risk, territorial risk and related security problems of critical infrastructures. It produces and disseminates reports and information and with debates and opportunities for meetings aims to provide useful tools for decision makers to stimulate the adoption of the best strategies and actions to reduce risks and for the protection and safety of people, integrity heritage and infrastructure, private and public. Furthermore, with the tools of training, the aim is to develop and spread at each level the knowledge of conventional and non-conventional risk. OSDIFE addresses in equal measure to an audience of specialists in the sector, both civil and military, as well as the common citizen who wants to get more in touch with the issue of risk in relation to everyday reality. Cross-cutting knowledge put at the service of spreading the culture of risk, from prevention to rescue, to spread the various issues, promote studies and analyzes, offer opportunities for meeting, training and information, in a reality that is increasingly coming into contact with the topic of the "risk". Alongside its organization, OSDIFE can count on a vast network of national and international contacts: from the world of research and industry, to the institutions and institutions that deal with risk on a daily basis, offering the widest point of view that exists today on these matters. Institutional goals In order to achieve its aims, the Observatory can adhere, give its support and collaboration to confederations, institutions and organizations having purposes similar to those existing, existing or to be established. To pursue its aims, the Observatory carries out the following activities which are described as merely indicative and not exhaustive: carry out studies, research and projects related to CBRNe risk, territorial safety, conventional risks, unconventional risks and environmental risk; to study, analyze and evaluate the adequacy, in terms of forecasting, prevention, management and restoration, of the various CBRNe, territorial and environmental risk profiles of the territory and infrastructure, including critical ones; promote scientific research and intervention initiatives in the field of CBRNe disciplines and territorial and environmental security; carry out studies and risk analysis for planning contingency transactions by public and private entities; to promote and carry out meetings with national, supranational and international institutions in order to deepen cooperation policies aimed at guaranteeing protection, defense and internal and international security; to provide institutions, organizations and public and private organizations operating in the context of CBRNe security and territorial and environmental security with useful technical and scientific contributions on the general framework of the various forms of risk; promote and organize training courses; implement any other initiative aimed at achieving institutional goals, including through alliances and collaborations with other public and private entities; carry out all the activities, with a scientific content, that are necessary for the pursuit of the institutional purposes. But the most important goal of all is to provide people with awareness of the problem , to make them understand how this type of danger belongs to everyone's life.
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