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Outward Bound

Outward Bound Today  Our founder’s goal 75 years ago was to integrate intensive experience and skill-building into the fabric of education. His approach to teaching and learning was centered on the belief that education should place equal emphasis on development of character and the intellect.  Although today’s Outward Bound expeditions have adapted to the needs of our modern society, our programs are designed true to our founders original beliefs and goal: to prepare students of all ages and circumstances with the strength of character and determination they need to thrive – in the classroom, in the workplace, in the family and in the world.  In the words of Richard Stopol, President and CEO of New York City Outward Bound Schools, “We seek nothing less than to help every individual we serve, discover and tap into their best selves as students, as workers, and as family and community members.” What sets Outward Bound apart from many of the other organizations that provide wilderness expeditions and training is that we bring an equally high level of emphasis and performance to teaching to the outcomes of character, leadership and service. In fact, it is these outcomes that matter most to us – both in terms of what we strive to teach and the lasting effect of an Outward Bound education. These transformative learning experiences, where students develop new technical skills as well as a sense of teamwork, self-confidence and a desire to make a difference are designed and delivered by a community of the industry’s most skilled and dedicated educators and Instructors. Outward Bound Instructors are trained and committed to teaching to strong technical outcomes as well as the outcomes of character that are central to our purpose.
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