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  • Founded2011

Pakasipiti Zimbabwe

What Is PAKASIPITI? Kasipiti is the Shona word for spring. A spring in a dry and hostile environment draws people from far and wide to replenish their water supplies. The organization chose the symbolic name ‘Pakasipiti’ (at the spring) as it sees itself as a place where LBT people will meet to replenish from the spring, re-energise and talk about their journeys through life WHO ARE WE PaKasipiti recognizes that those who are not LBT persons cannot fully empathize with the LBT people’s life situation. LBT people should therefore take primary responsibility for organizing a sustained program of action to draw attention to their group specific needs. It was from this viewpoint that four feminist activists identifying as lesbian, bisexual and transgender on 1st April 2011 founded PaKasipiti as an organization championing the cause of LBT people. PaKasipiti seeks to interrogate social values and norms around sex and sexuality with a view to promoting societal acceptance of sexual diversity so that LBT people can also live by their sexual preferences without fear, like any other citizen. WHERE Pakasipiti Zimbabwe CAME FROM Patriarchy might be everywhere, but it is not everywhere the same’ As lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LBT) people living in Zimbabwe’s patriarchal societies and communities that control their voice, expression and sexuality, they need space in which to speak about our lives and experiences, and to develop their own agency for reclaiming their autonomy and independence, and to develop capacity for self-determination. This has led us to an attempt to peel back the layers and analyze the impact of patriarchy on their lives and communities and to identify and implement solutions to reach goals.
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