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Palestinian Land Authority (PLA)

About The Land Authority administers the land sector and provides various services related to registration, taboo, secretion, and area transactions, and since land is and remains the most important source of real, fixed wealth, laws and regulations have been put in place that document, protect, and regulate ownership, disposal, registration, and release of property rights, and enables their owners and disposers to Benefit from it, selling it, and borrowing it, as it is one of the most important guarantees that financial and banking institutions are assured of in granting financial facilities and loans, which makes it an essential pillar of building the national economy and  Vision Providing comprehensive, accurate, safe, and highly credible real estate services to service recipients through distinguished employees' and computerizing its operations to facilitate and quickly obtain real estate information for comprehensive development purposes with the participation of the private sector. Mission Based on its mission, the Land Authority will work to achieve the goal of establishing the right to ownership of immovable property,preserving it, and completing settlement work to cover all parts of the country in cooperation with the private sector
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Company Offices

  • West Bank
  • Al Bireh, Nablus Street