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They believe that in order for children to grow into the incredible people they can be, they need to be supported, listened to and provided opportunities to thrive. They believe in supporting the vision of their community in Tanga, Tanzania, especially its young people. They work to maximise the potential inside every child so that they can be a positive and strong force of change in their community. They strive to ensure that children are heard, recognised and allowed to grow in safe and happy environments. The sad truth is that poverty is a strong force that can disrupt these things from happening. That’s why they feel it takes a targeted and a wider community effort to ensure these beliefs and ideas are possible for all children living in poverty. They work to promote resilience through community activities, to support leadership and entrepreneurship as skills that will carry children far into adulthood and to ensure that the welfare and wellbeing of children is seen as central and valued. They hope you will join us in ensuring that all children, especially those living in poverty or vulnerable situations, get a chance to be all they can be! Everyone has something to say, be it through the work that they do, the words they say or the way that they live. It’s finding that and using it for the good of others and yourself that is the key to true success, regardless of your background. Imagine a world where people lived out their potential. Imagine youth that were aware and excited about who they are and what they could do. Inside all of us are the tools they need to unlock creativity, inspiration and compassion.

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