Partner Microcredit Foundation (Partner Mikrokreditna Fondacija)

For 20 years, the Partner Microcredit Foundation has been successfully providing microcredit services to the economically active population who have difficulty or do not have access to commercial sources of financing, to start and improve business and improve the quality of life. They support micro-entrepreneurs, promote women's participation in business and offer easier access to financial services in rural areas. On the territory of the whole of BiH, with the service on the doorstep, they provide quality products and technical assistance, they help the growth of living standards, they increase employment by encouraging the transition to a market economy. They started lending activities in 1997, with the support of Mercy Corps. Through their business activities, in the past 20 years, they have proven that microfinance is one of the drivers of the economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the help of their microcredits, they have enabled people to realize their business ideas and thus provide employment for themselves and their families, as well as to improve the quality of life. The ICF partner has close to 300 employees working in 60 offices throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Company Offices

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (headquarters)
  • Tuzla
  • 15. maja bb 75000 Tuzla