Partnership for Children and Youth (PCY)


  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Founded1997
History In 1997, a group of concerned government, philanthropy, and business leaders decided to do something about the persistent poverty and barriers to success faced by children and youth in Bay Area communities. Their extensive analysis found that low income communities were vastly underutilizing public funding streams for critical support programs for children and youth. The Partnership for Children & Youth (PCY) was created to connect schools and their community partners in these underserved communities with available public and private resources, and to improve the effectiveness of funding streams and services for low income children. The ultimate beneficiaries of their work are children and families in California’s lowest-income communities. Their primary clients are those institutions that provide critical support services to disadvantaged children-including schools and school districts, community-based organizations, and state and local government agencies. Vision Communities working together to ensure all children have the learning, health, and social supports they need to succeed in school and life. Mission To build systems of continuous learning, collaboration, and leadership among school districts, government agencies, and community-based organizations serving low income children and youth.

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