Perfometer Agribusiness Ltd.

    Perfometer is a Dairy Advisory Centre They Support Dairy Investors to start and to run profitable dairy enterprises by providing professional advice and consultancy services. Their advisory practice is a combination of knowledge and professionalism. Perfometer started as an agribusiness consulting house, with a wide range of agriculture sectors, however there is now deliberate effort to focus on the dairy advisory and consultancy. Perfometer agribusiness consulting company is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with 12 in-house consultants in dairy management, agronomy, cow house design architects, economists, commercialization and information technology (ICT). To be able to accomplish this, they have built their capacity in a wide range of dairy subjects through exposure mainly to Dutch dairy practice, and interaction with international dairy consultants who provide the much needed coaching to their workforce. Besides the advisory work, their team emphasizes application of these values. Their values provide the basis on which their practice is founded, while it matters what they do, it matters much more how they do it to ensure that there is a uniform corporate response from Perfometer People to their clients.
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