Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA)


  • Organization TypeGovernment, Service Providers
  • HeadquartersCambodia
  • Founded1959
In 1959, PPWSA was officially established by Royal Decree No. 164NS dated March 24, 1960 signed by King Norodom Sihanouk, the King of the Kingdom of Cambodia, as a state treatment and business unit under the direct supervision of the Phnom Penh Municipality, and was officially named "Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority". Since then, PPWSA is responsible for water treatment and supply to satisfy the demand of the population in Phnom Penh and for ensuring the balance of income and expenses in relation to its water treatment investment. From 1959 to 1970, the water supply service and business operation of PPWSA was expanded by refurbishing and establishing new WTPs and supply networks. On April 17, 1975, the Khmer Rouge gained full control of Cambodia and evacuated everyone from Phnom Penh to work in the agricultural sector in rural areas. At that time, there was little water production and distribution in Phnom Penh. The potable water produced was only for the consumption by a small group of the leaders of the Democratic Kampuchea. Most water treatment and distribution systems were discarded. Without utilization, repairs and maintenance, the quality of these systems quickly deteriorated, causing great difficulties for their rehabilitation after 1979. From 1979 to Present After Victory Day on January 7, 1979, the potable water sector in Phnom Penh commenced operations again under extremely difficult circumstances as the technicians, tools, materials and technical documents had been almost entirely destroyed by the Democratic Kampuchea. VISION PPWSA is committed to the sustainable development of its potable water supply services, as well as providing services as a consultant and facilitator in order to ensure people in the other cities and provinces of Cambodia have access to potable water. PPWSA is also committed to assisting other developing countries to supply potable water to their people. MISSION The mission of PPWSA is to ensure the supply of clean potable water 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, with adequate water pressure and at a reasonable price to the people of Phnom Penh and the urban areas of the Kandal province adjacent to Phnom Penh whilst also considering the needs of those people living in poverty. In addition, PPWSA has been sharing its experience with some provincial-city water authorities in the Kingdom of Cambodia, as well as in the region and the rest of the world.

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