Platform London

Platform was formed in 1983 as a place for artists and activists to act together on social and environmental issues. While the group has evolved it continues to hold to its original purpose. It has experimented with new methods and tactics and engaged in artistic and political movements over the many years, to deepen the expression of its core values. Early on, the group used street theatre, music and agitprop, coupling imagination to political action, and injecting activism into the arts. In the 1980s, as Thatcherism was in full flood, Platform supported striking hospital cleaners and their trade union in “Addenbrookes Blues”, and resisted the privatisation of a much-loved public venue in “Corny Exchanges”. Platform was also involved in anti-nuclear protest, and opposing cuts to student grants. In the late 1980s, Platform immersed itself in environmental politics and travelled to Germany to learn from the growing Green and Direct Democracy movements.
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Company Offices

  • United Kingdom (headquarters)
  • London
  • c/o Oxford House Derbyshire Street Bethnal Green