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Over 20 years of collective experience in financial, corporate and project structuring Polestrom Consulting Inc. (“POLESTROM”) is a company registered in the Philippines, primarily engaged in international and domestic project management consultancy services. It was formed by a group of financial and legal advisers who are experts in public private partnerships (PPPs) and infrastructure development, having worked in the Philippines and abroad for both the private sector and the government. Collectively, they bring over 20 years of experience in financial, corporate and project structuring, which are key to developing PPP projects. POLESTROM maintains a roster of specialized consultants who have worked in the water, transport, road, and energy sector, further enhancing the ability of the company to advise on sector specific projects. POLESTROM prides itself with having a team who have been key to the PPP development in the Philippines and are well-positioned to advise on developing a PPP framework in other jurisdictions, and providing capacity building to foreign government agencies who are keen to develop a PPP framework and undertake PPP projects. The company is committed to delivering quality advise on the development and management of PPP projects and to becoming agents for PPP development in the Philippines and abroad. POLESTROM offers project management consultancy services both in the Philippines and abroad. It specializes in PPP Project Management, and PPP Program Development and Capacity Building. PPP Project Management POLESTROM offers comprehensive assistance in developing a potential project for partnership between the government and private sector. It can assist in the project conceptualization, preparation of a feasibility study, drafting of the proposals or bid package, obtaining government approvals, all the way to the tendering, award, and project closing. Their team has significant expertise in preparing the financial and economic analysis for PPP projects, as well as putting together the technical and legal analysis in order to come up with the most appropriate project structure and risk allocation that is aligned with the needs of the public sector, and the business considerations of the private investor. PPP Program Development and Capacity Building POLESTROM has sufficient expertise to provide advisory services or technical assistance to foreign agencies or governments in developing a PPP program, setting up an institutional framework, and identifying potential PPP projects to create a PPP pipeline. Their team is composed of highly-trained management professionals who played a key role in the development of the PPP Program, and privatizations in the Philippines The Company is also equipped to provide PPP capacity building services to government agencies and private companies, who are implementing, or are planning to undertake, a PPP project. POLESTROM can assist in capacitating key government agencies to implement a PPP project, manage the PPP project cycle, identify and mitigate PPP project risks, and formulate necessary policies and regulatory framework for PPP program implementation. The increasing demand for infrastructure projects not just in the Philippines but worldwide, has put so much strain on the fiscal space of government institutions that it has led to increasing infrastructure gaps, which if not remedied, will result in the curtailment of the overall growth potential and productivity of the country. They believe that the private sector has a critical role in bridging these gaps and unlocking financing solutions. Mission POLESTROM’s business operation is guided by its mission to assist in bringing together the government and the private sector to complete critical infrastructure projects through the use of private financing, and to improve public service by tapping the private sector’s operational and management efficiencies. Vision Their vision is to become a reliable and trusted advisor for both the government and the private sector, as regards the best manner by which to structure and undertake public infrastructure that will not only cater to the needs of the people but more importantly, to improve the delivery of public service. POLESTROM envisions itself to becoming instruments or agents of development in global infrastructure systems and in bridging infrastructure gaps, by promoting and advocating public-private partnerships as a viable option to public infrastructure procurement. Core Values POLESTROM’s operations are defined by the following core values: Excellence – it is their commitment to provide high quality service to their client, and will ensure that they deliver in accordance with their client’s objectives. They seek to achieve excellence by employing a collaborative working environment not just within their team but also with their client, and ensuring that learnings, experiences, and resources, are shared to all members of their team. Creativity and Innovation – POLESTROM will strive to encourage its people to think outside of the box, and will foster an environment that will inspire people to produce unique and original ideas or solutions. They believe that they can only bring about change when they have people who are creative visionaries, willing to work beyond existing constraints. Integrity – They will operate based on the highest ethical standards, and will not compromise truth and honesty for any financial gain. POLESTROM honors its commitments and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations wherever it operates.

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