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Postcard Productions

Postcard is an award-winning creative film agency that specialises in making innovative and thought-provoking film content that engages with social change - and makes a difference. We believe that the medium of film is an incredibly powerful force that can be used to challenge the way Postcard thinks – whether this be through a short social media clip you watch on your phone or a feature length documentary at the cinema. They are storytellers and at the heart of our work is the drive to give a voice to those people who may not otherwise have such a platform. Postcard prides themselves on finding new and creative ways of telling such stories so that they will resonate with viewers and inspire them to take the action that will leave a lasting impact from the film. Formed by Sam Forsdike and Richard Bentley in 2010, the simple concept was to make films that matter and drive issue-led subject matter through human stories. Their work cuts across platforms from online to broadcast films such as The Stranger on the Bridge (C4). Their passion is for using film to give a voice to people who might not otherwise have such a platform, creating visually exciting and thought-provoking narratives around these and devising integrated strategies to engage audiences. Their content has led to successfully changing laws, generating vital awareness about important causes and sometimes just helping pass away an evening on the sofa!
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