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They pride themselves in offering total asset management solutions to their clients. They believe asset management is instrumental towards providing the competitive advantage for asset-intensive industry in managing service performance, associated risks and costs.  Maintenance consulting without any economic justification has failed in most cases.  Solving this issue will be the genesis of PSAMS.  Hence their mission is just not to work on the maintenance alone, but to provide customized comprehensive asset management solutions and promoting industry standard or best practices on asset management issues as experienced by their clients. Philosophy: They have a clear and focused business philosophy that offers comprehensive, customized and superior quality services. In this they will meet with their customers major asset management requirements regarding reliability and continuation of service. As well it is their intent to balance cost of service with return and ensure maintenance expenditures are optimized. Vision: To set up an organization with the resources they need to optimize and enhance electrical asset’s life cycle cost. To be the leading and premier asset management solutions provider via excellence in service To make a positive impact on effective electrical asset utilization in North America and globally. To create, grow and sustain a business through internal resource addition and partnering with companies or individuals that see benefit in their vision and are capable of significant support of their endeavour. Mission Statements: To create and maintain the best asset management solution website in the world. To develop a team of asset management expert professionals that will deliver best in class solutions to their clients. To continually ensure that sound and proven leading edge principles and techniques are implemented to maintain leadership in all aspects of their  business. To ensure that all PSAMS staff and contractors are empowered and promoted to make  a real difference in electrical equipment reliability. Develop a constant improvement philosophy and follow up initiative to gauge performance with all clients. Core Values: To provide a professional, productive and positive working environment for all workers and to constantly promote excellence in service through pride in organization accomplishment. PSAMS provides a full range of training & consulting services to industry and utilities regarding electrical assets. Their highly experienced team of experts, instructors and consultants are recognized across the industry as leaders in designing, operating, maintaining and testing of electrical equipment. PSAMS  Team: PSAMS Experts have accumulated decades of best practice experience and knowledge in the management of electrical assets and efficient cost-effective operations and maintenance solutions. Experts have successfully provided management services to utilities and industries for generation, transmission and distribution assets, as well as corporate operations. Experts have also provided professional mentoring, guidance and integration services to fully and effectively implement Asset Management Systems.

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