Promak Afric

The Promak Afric design office specializes in: Analysis studies and promotion of value chains (ValueLinks approach, Socio-economic studies, Organization/moderation of strategic and operational planning workshops for projects and programs, Monitoring and evaluation of projects and development program, training and advice to projects, programs and local authorities working in sustainable development.The Promak Afric firm also gives professional training (management, marketing, English HRM, Health and safety….) to company staff . Other areas of expertise: - Basic training in contract farming - Organization / Animation of workshops and business meetings - Institutional and organizational support for professional groups - Recruitment and management of staff for the implementation of development projects. - Administrative and financial management of development projects / programs - Support for the assembly of offers within the framework of international calls for tenders All of PROMAK AFRIC's actions, whatever the field of action, are in line with the promotion of sustainable development (reconciling economic interests with environmental, social and institutional ones). Promak Afric's support is directed towards development projects / programs for local authorities, working populations and companies working in development. Promak Afric is full of internal staff and highly qualified consultants, with recognized expertise both nationally and internationally.
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Company Offices

  • Cote d Ivoire (headquarters)
  • Abidjan
  • Koumassi Remblais