Prommune, Inc.

Prommune is a research and development company that has created a unique and patented means to safely and effectively awaken the body’s own natural immune defenses without inflammatory side-effects.  Such immune activation is possible through the use of novel immune stimulatory peptides, which are derived from a naturally-occurring protein component of the immune system.  The use of these host-derived immune stimulatory peptides provides a broad therapeutic platform enabling the treatment of normal and antibiotic-resistant infections and the rapid generation a huge variety of new vaccines for human and veterinary medicine. Prommune’s lead immune simulatory peptide, Host Immune Stimulatory Peptide (HISPTM),  selectively engages and activates antigen presenting cells (monocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells) to induce the cellular and molecular elements associated with innate immunity – the body’s first line of immune defense against infection.  Once activated by Host Immune Stimulatory Peptide (HISPTM), these antigen presenting cells are primed to take up infective pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and destroy them via natural cellular mechanisms.  Thus, Host Immune Stimulatory Peptide (HISPTM) can be used to  awaken and direct the body’s own innate immune responses against infective pathogens – Host-Directed Immune Therapy (HDIT).  Importantly, the Host Immune Stimulatory Peptide (HISPTM) – activated cellular processes for HDIT make no distinction between normal or antibiotic-resistant pathogens.  Thus, Host Immune Stimulatory Peptide (HISPTM) – mediated HDIT can be used to fight normal as well as antibiotic-resistant infections and could be used as a complement to traditional antibiotics to deliver a powerful dual therapeutic assault on troublesome infections. Protective Host Immune Stimulatory Peptide (HISPTM) -based vaccines made to: -Nicotine -Methamphetamine -Hepatitis B surface antigen -Human MUC1-glycoprotein -Large B cell lymphoma -Toxoplasma gondii -Cytomegalovirus -Coccidioides immitus (Valley Fever) Host Immune Stimulatory Peptide (HISPTM) – induced host-directed immunotherapy against: -MRSA dermal infection -MRSA biofilm (catheter) infection -Group B strep meningitis -Group B strep colonization on epithelial tissues -Toenail fungus (onychomycosis) Because of the ability of Host Immune Stimulatory Peptide (HISPTM) to selectively engage/activate antigen presenting cells, Host Immune Stimulatory Peptide (HISPTM) can be used as a component in the design of vaccines.  A vaccine is rapidly made by the straightforward conjugation of Host Immune Stimulatory Peptide (HISPTM) to the surface of a protein antigen.  The Host Immune Stimulatory Peptide (HISPTM) moiety targets the protein antigen to and activates the antigen presenting cells such that the antigen is now effectively and properly presented to the lymphocyte population of immune cells, which generate the long-term memory immune responses against re-exposure to the pathogen that bears the protein against which theHost Immune Stimulatory Peptide (HISPTM) – based vaccine was made.
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