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  • Founded1981
Pronatura México is an environmental organization with a long and recognized history in the country, whose mission is to conserve the flora, fauna and priority ecosystems, promoting the development of society in harmony with nature. Since its creation in 1981 by a group of Mexican entrepreneurs and academics, it has promoted behavioral changes in society to achieve better models of use and management of natural resources, which have made it possible to face problems such as unemployment, migration, Poverty and other challenges that threaten the communities that own the priority lands for the conservation of biodiversity. Pronatura México is part of the Pronatura System, made up of six civil associations with programs throughout the national territory. More than 74 million trees planted and ecological restoration of 68 thousand hectares (2016) From 2007 to date, the National Program for Reforestation and Harvesting of Water has planted more than 68 million trees. This initiative, involving the Coca-Cola Foundation, the National Forestry Commission and the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, has focused on priority sites in high basins to supply water to the country's main cities. Pioneers in the voluntary carbon bond market (2008) With the launch of the Neutralízate program, the conservation of the country's forest spaces is helped, while mitigating greenhouse gas emissions generated by companies, events or individuals. Establishment of the first water rights bank for conservation (2000) As part of the strategy for the restoration of the Colorado River Delta in Sonora, the first bank of water rights for conservation was built under the figure of trust, which allows the acquisition and deposit in its patrimony of titles or rights that cover volumes Metrics of water, which are intended to maintain the minimum flow required for the restoration of the wetland. Creation of artificial reefs in the Sea of ​​Cortez (1999) In 1999, a historic step was taken in the conservation and development of ecotourism, thanks to the collapse of two Chinese vessels in Bahía de la Paz, in the Sea of ​​Cortez, in order to convert them into artificial reefs. Thus Mexico was placed at the forefront of being the first Latin American nation to condition and sink two vessels for this purpose. Development of legal instruments for the conservation of private lands (1989) With the support of The Nature Conservancy and the Global Environmental Facility, the National Program for the Conservation of Private Lands was established in their organization, which develops a package of legal tools for priority ecosystem owners to voluntarily dedicate their lands to conservation and protection Of natural resources. That year the first ecological easement of the country was successfully established in Las Cañadas, Huatusco, Veracruz. First private conservation reserve in the country, in Huitepec, Chiapas (1989) In 1989 a 136 hectare property was acquired, six kilometers from the western end of the city of San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, to incorporate them into a trust that guarantees the long-term conservation of the property and the fulfillment of several conservation objectives And environmental education. It was the first time in Mexico that a financial instrument is used for the protection of natural resources. Permanent Veda of the marketing of meat and eggs of sea turtles in Mexico (1986) Given the drastic decline in sea turtle populations in their country, in 1986 Pronatura promoted the promulgation of a presidential decree to consider 17 beaches as nesting areas for sea turtles and reserves for conservation, reforestation, development and control. Even so, the decline continued, and it was for that reason that until 1990, the decree of permanent and total closure for sea turtle species and subspecies, its products and derivatives, was promulgated in waters under national jurisdiction. Values: Responsibility: They build a better country for future generations, so they perform in all their work with efficiency and professionalism. Equity: They recognize that natural resource owners must be the first beneficiaries of their conservation and management. Optimism: They are looking for solutions to the complex challenges of protecting the environment. Independence: They work without compromise with political, ideological or funding sources. The alliances they build always give priority to the common good and respect for diversity of opinions. Commitment: Their programs are long term and for this they have allies in the conservation of biodiversity in projects of national scope. Transparency: They are the custodians of the trust of all their donors, so all their budget exercises are subject to external audits performed by internationally recognized companies.

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