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Protec Export

Company Protec has consolidated, year after year a trajectory strongly anchored in the quality of its products and in respect to the market. Its brand today represents the strength of national technology in the manufacturing and providing life support equipment, within the most stringent levels of quality required by the hospital medical area. Reference in its segment, PROTEC covers all national territory through a wide network of distributors and technical service. Its growth is strongly supported by a modern manufacturing and distribution structure, about 30 kilometers from the city of São Paulo, with easy access to Rodoanel Highway, its location makes its logistics more efficient throughout Brazil, including export products. Its facilities concentrate highly specialized professionals, ready to meet the most rigorous manufacturing standards and fully integrated in quality procedures that involve the entire production chain. Thanks to the constant evolution of its concepts, Protec holds the national leadership in the medical products market. Up-to-date with recent global technology trends, Protec permanently reviews its conceptual procedures, which are widely diffused through an internal industrial practices policy. Industrial and Logistics Protec has the strictest material quality control, which ensures that the products meet the specifications and standards required by the responsible bodies. Permanent investments are made in professional training, technologies improvement and development of innovative products, which bring reliability to the final consumer, offering the best to the medical hospital market, especially in the cost /benefit ratio. Its inventory management allows to store and expand the product line, providing greater efficiency in distribution. Mission Develop and manufacture life support products with the most advanced technology, within the highest standards of excellence and quality. Vision Being a national leader with a global presence in life support products Values Commitment | Ethics | Respect for life | Innovation | Quality
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