• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO

ProudPolitics Canada

ProudPolitics believes that the best way to empower LGBTIQ+ communities across Canada, is through greater civic-representation: have more diverse, inspirational, and competent openly LGBTIQ+ leaders, of all political stripes, serving the public through elected office, and on public boards, commissions, and agencies. ProudPolitics envisions these leaders championing greater inclusion from across the political spectrum. They believe that public LGBT role models can provide underserved LGBTIQ+ communities with hope and inspiration that they too can be proud of their identities and become inspirational leaders.  These same community leaders have the potential to be the  strongest allies in achieving greater equality & inclusion. They believe that the fight isn’t over. Despite statutory rights and electoral achievements, LGBTIQ+ citizens still face many implicit barriers to participate in Canada’s democracy, especially those from marginalized and under-represented communities. They believe that there is unmet potential. Support and resources for LGBTIQ+ leaders are often exclusive, uncoordinated, and focused on advocacy. The diversity of political beliefs and unmet potential within the LGBTIQ+ community, therefore, is often not recognized and addressed.
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