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Provincial Road Administration Mendoza-Argentina (Dirección Provincial de Vialidad Mendoza) (DPV)

By force of conviction and work, our ancestors made the desert a privileged place to develop life and project it to the world. It is here in Mendoza, where the Provincial Directorate of Roads concentrates its task with the same vision of those men: build, communicate, enrich the land, strengthen health, education, provide service, attract investment, boost tourism, improve quality of people's lives, expand horizons. A decisive part in the scheme of work of the Government of Mendoza, Provincial Road has been carrying out this task for 73 years, and is an organism that, from its function, is present in every corner of the Province, and therefore, in permanent contact with people. More than 17 thousand kilometers make up the road network in charge in a system that includes the union of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the Cristo Redentor International Tunnel, the influence of National Route No. 40, in addition to a large number of primary routes and secondary schools of vital importance for Mendoza, the Country, and Mercosur. In this scheme proposed by a Province in continuous growth, marked by the imposing Aconcagua hill and the Andes mountain range, we are present. Today, it is up to us to continue the task of continuing to capture with our works, that immense task that allows us to live in a chosen land. Welcome to this space destined to share our work.
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  • Carlos W. Lencinas 842. Mendoza, Argentina