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Objectives -Promote the global urban approach. -Attacking the problems of chaotic urban development  at the local and Latin American level,  with serious social consequences,  through concrete actions  subject to technical monitoring and periodic evaluation. -Advancing in the framework of sustainable development  so that any intervention implies  not only physical benefits but also a social impact  that guarantees the appropriation of the project by its users,  achieving a multiplier effect. Services Urban design  An important part of the volume of work of their organization focuses on this line. Being their company based in Venezuela, a country rich in resources but whose urban development has lagged behind in relation to the need for housing and where urban development policies have been erratic or discontinuous, they have developed struggling to contribute something to this problem.    The spontaneous urban development has filled the gaps and they are in need of reversing this informal process that has dominated the urban scenario.  From the private sector they have worked intensely in the production of housing of all levels and of varied characteristics.   The suburban urban social interest groups are conceived as condominiums or self-sufficient communities equipped with recreational networks and common basic services.  In the design process, the social aspects are considered in the developments for the large communities and a support is coordinated with social workers to strengthen the neighborhood spirit while it is conformed. They attach great importance to the evaluation and feedback of the clients to incorporate improvements in future projects and they seek to keep up-to-date on international events in all matters related to housing issues. As consultants for the public sector they have actively participated in a spontaneous settlement program adding 140 has been projected in the last 4 years. An activity that combines urbanism with elements of management and group management, to coordinate a complex urban action in which entities of different nature and interests are involved. Buildings To each type of design they give you a load of functional and aesthetic values.  In low-cost buildings, the space performance and the flexibility of uses that allow adaptations and the application of resistant and easy maintenance finishes are emphasized.  Their concept when designing residential buildings emphasizes offering users the greatest possible flexibility. Where zoning allows, possible extensions and their effects on the facades are foreseen and alternatives are developed that adapt to various family groups. In luxury multi-family buildings they design the basic space with an emphasis on relations with the exterior but allowing a maximum of internal interventions that owners usually wish to make with their architects or individual designers, ensuring that the whole is not affected. In office spaces maintenance is the main guide, as well as satisfying the versatility and dynamism that characterizes today's companies. The technology aspects are given great importance and are foreseen with a vision of the future. Interior design In the initial contact with clients they try to detect their needs and tastes, which are their guide to offer the range of possibilities that the space to project presents.  They always present to the client several design alternatives accompanied by three-dimensional images and samples of materials seeking to satisfy their needs before moving on to the development and execution of the work.  Once the project is accepted, they offer the client a follow-up to conserve the benefits of good design even with the dynamics of changes inherent in the workspaces.  They keep up to date on technology to offer their clients projects  preliminaryto distance and propose design solutions to companies or individuals located in other cities or countries without raising the costs of collecting the initial information. Specialized Drawing For years they shared project activities with those of digital drawing teaching, giving talks and courses of AutoCAD at medium and advanced levels, both in companies and in trade and university centers.  The design and design of roads is a subject that they dominate in depth because it is basic in the area of ​​urban design. Integrates various disciplines such as hydraulic and road engineering, geotechnics, structure and others. In the proper integration of the sub-projects lies the quality of the final product. They form mixed teams where they work with external engineers and surveyors, either as project coordinators or as part of the team. They use several three-dimensional programs to run virtual models of their projects and third-party projects. Depending on the needs, simple volumetric views can be elaborated for pre-project stages or detail models including lighting effects.  For clients that require large volumes of drawing in a short time, they can provide advice on systematization and coordination of the process of making sheets to achieve the necessary efficiency to meet the established deadlines. Applications development They have developed and commercialized certain applications on AutoCAD, to assist the necessary technical processes in the urban and architectural design. The advantage of these applications: Module of Architecture and Urbanism, in relation to the most known commercial products, is in its easy handling. These modules have been their main optimization tool in the process of developing urban and architectural projects.


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