Pure Heart Foundation

Pure Heart Foundation is a community based, non-profit organization that offers therapeutic emotional learning and embracing experiences for children of Incarcerated parents. Pure Heart Foundation is designed to embrace and respond to the Overal concerns of children from incarcerated parents and households. Pure Heart provides embracing experiences for children of incarcerated parents. Pure Heart understands  the traumatic effect it has on each child mentally, socially, academically and financially. Pure Heart aims to create a safe haven for each child to express themselves, break emotional barriers, encourage one another and face this huge giant with children who can empathize with them. Bridging the gap through a positive atmosphere, academic enhancement, mentorship and character development. Pure Heart will turn doubts into dreams, heal hurt hearts and break the cycle of incarceration. Pure Heart aims to give children the necessary tools and resources needed in order for them to become fitting citizens of society and compete in this global world. The goal is to give these children all opportunities possible so they can be all they can be and maximize each life experience. It is noticeable the circumstances that plague the youth of incarcerated parents and Pure Heart strives to give these scholars a place where they can be motivated, inspired, and supported in their efforts. Through therapeutic, emotional learning and embracing experiences. Pure Heart will enhance and strengthen children in areas needed.  
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Company Offices

  • United States (headquarters)
  • Detroit
  • 13560 E. McNichols Suite 130 Detroit, MI 48205
  • Michigan