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Most Indian cities are today succumbing to the pressures of burgeoning population, crumbling infrastructure and overwhelming pollution. As a result, billions of dollars’ worth of productivity is at stake, due to the lack of a fundamental approach in civic planning – that is, understanding the issues through primary data collection and using platform approach to creating solutions. The problems start right at our doorsteps in the form of garbage & sanitation issues, accost us as we commute to work in the form of traffic snarls and pollution, and hold our lives to ransom in the form of misplaced policies and ill-planned cities. This is what RECITY is solving using a common platform. RECITY's vision is for the next generation to take charge. For this it has created room for collaboration among citizens, students, government bodies, NGOs and subject matter experts to re-envision and re-build India's cities. RECITY is building out a full stack of education institutions, subject-matter experts & NGOs in areas as diverse as urban planning, architecture, environmental engineering, hydrology & remote sensing, geo-spatial analysis, etc. It then uses this stack to spot planning & execution gaps and engages with city-level government bodies / municipalities. RECITY then does extensive citizen consultation and mobilizes local architecture / urban planning students, under the guidance of its panel of experts, to create practical and implementable solutions. RECITY has already piloted in Navi Mumbai in areas of sustainable transport, waste management and wetland preservation, where students from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture worked under 30 experts to create 3 implementable projects. RECITY has also been invited by the city of Kochi to create solutions related to waterfront development, sustainable transport, waste management and affordable housing RECITY along with SMART COMMUTE FOUNDATION implemented dedicated bicycle - parking structures in the FORT area of Mumbai. RECITY along with SAMPURN(E)ARTH and DCOOP is working with NMMC to come up with dry waste collection centers in Navi Mumbai and workable solutions for wet-waste management in APMC Market with MO-OF.
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