• Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersTurkey
  • Founded1986
CONSULTING is a professional, international service company providing Audit, Financial Consulting, Chartered Accountant, Tax and Legal Consultancy, Corporate Risk and IT Consultancy services. Since its establishment in 1981, it has been providing consultancy services to many national and international companies in various fields with well-known and experienced partners in its professions and expert staff in various fields. One of the world's leading, largest international audit and consulting organizations, ANTEA'S Turkey is a member. It is under the supervision and supervision of Eurogroup Consult directly in the services and all its activities. Recognized with high professional and ethical standards in the world, Eurogroup Consult ensures periodic quality evaluations and that all companies with memberships can serve customers with high standards. In addition, Eurogroup companies operating in more than 40 countries communicate effectively with one another and share information on an ongoing basis. Eurogroup Consult, which provides global information flow and methodology support in the services offered by GUIDE CONSULTING, also makes it possible to share communication channels and information between its members with high technology. With 36 years of performance, quality service and dynamic structure, GUIDE CONSULTING has become a leading and reliable brand in the sector. GUIDE CONSULTING and each GUIDE office acts within the framework of certain corporate values ​​at all stages of the services and customer relationships they provide. These values ​​- high quality, value added at every step, information sharing, attention to competence and long-term relationships - is a constant part of the GUIDE's unique ability to combine global practices with local expertise. These principles form the basis of both the services and personal practices of the guide. It provides guidance on how things should be done and the results that need to be achieved. It helps to work more effectively and efficiently and to produce 'workable' solutions for customers. These common values ​​are built on a corporate culture that supports ethics, quality, objectivity, reliability and integrity, both inside and outside the company. When serving their customers, their team members agree with some well-known and generally accepted professional standards as well as some standards developed within the company. Their commitment to professional standards reflects both their corporate values ​​and their Code of Conduct. GUIDE CONSULTING has developed the Code of Conduct (Code of Ethics), which includes a number of ethical principles. These rules are frequently taken into consideration in view of the changing business life and institutional structure, leading to employees in all the guidance and counseling offices in the country and abroad, and they are decisive in all decisions taken and actions taken.

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  • Turkey (headquarters)
  • Ankara
  • Iran Street No: 21 Karum Business Center D Block Floor: 4 Apartment: 398-399 Kavaklıdere Çankaya / ANKARA