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Research Institute for Aquaculture No. 1 (Vietnam)

1. Functions Research Institute for Aquaculture No1 (abbreviated as RIA1) is an organization under the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). The main function of RIA1 is to carry out scientific and technological research in the field of aquaculture, including: Genetic and Seed production; Aquaculture techniques; Environment management and disease prevention; Resource protection and development for coastal and freshwater areas; Post-harvesting technology; Technology innovation and transfer 2. Mandates 2.1. Research - Provide direction for research on aquatic technology and science and other relevant fields; develop plans for aquatic technology in the long term, every 5 years, and implementing every year after gaining approval from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. - Undertake surveys on environment, domestic and marine aquatic resources and valuable aquatic species to identify the potential and capacity of aquaculture development; build direction for domestic and marine aquaculture development based on different areas in combination with aquatic resources protection. - Evaluate the impacts of using water resources on aquatic resources; establish a network of environment and disease monitoring in aquaculture at management and production guidance institutions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and local areas. - Carry out research on and apply science and technological advances from domestic and international countries for cultivation, exploitation, conservation and protection of aquatic resources as well as processing inland and coastal fishery products to satisfy the requirement of local consumption and export. - Select and conserve pure stocks, domesticate new imported or domesticated aquatic species in order to provide valuable aquatic species based on the targets of productivity or quality. - Research biological characteristics of reproduction, nutrition and growth of valuable aquatic species; apply science and technological advances to artificial breed production in order to take the initiative in supplying breeds for aquaculture. - Carry out research on transplanted methods; culture valuable seaweeds in fresh, brackish and marine water areas for aquatic larvae in seed production. - Research on post harvest reserving technology; study processing technology on aquatic products and other kinds of nutrition food for aquaculture objects. - Research improving fisheries exploitation instruments which are suitable to each aquatic species and natural condition; develop tests for advanced exploitation models at domestic and marine areas. - Carry out experiments on new species, food, chemical and probiotics in aquaculture. 2.2. Fisheries extension and services - Apply research results to trial production; transfer process of advanced production technology; draw up production processes; contribute to building sector standards, economics and technical norms and management regulations for aquaculture development. - Provide science and technology consultancies and services based on legal regulation. - Import and export aquatic products, equipment and raw materials used for aquaculture, processing and services (new function). - Collaborate with other institutions to supply services and consultancies regarding techniques, technology and science and other relevant fields to organizations and individuals both domestically and internationally (new function). 2.3. Education and Training and International Cooperation - Training for technical staff and fisheries extension staff to improve scientific and technical staff for local areas. - Cooperating with other institutions both domestically and internationally on research and technology transfer as well as scientific and technical information to apply in research and production activities.
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