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Romanian Ornithological Society

The Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR) is a non-profit, nonprofit organization that carries out bird and nature protection activities with the support of members, volunteers, on the basis of donations and projects.  It has national coverage in Romania through branches and school groups. Since 1997, he is a partner of BirdLife International - a worldwide network of 105 national bird conservation and nature conservation organizations. The SOR activity takes place in the three offices in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Tulcea, with the support of branches and school groups. With national coverage, SOR is required to provide local, regional and national advice on bird protection. It carries out a significant lobbying activity alongside the government and its local representatives for the observance and enforcement of national environmental legislation and alignment with that of the European Union. The SOR offices in Cluj-Napoca, Tulcea and Bucharest, in close cooperation with the AIA network of custodians and the network of volunteer teachers, carry out an intensive activity of raising public awareness of the importance and value of the natural capital (birds and habitats) our country has. The activity in gymnasium and higher education institutions includes lectures, slides and video expositions, demonstrations in the field. Information and advertising materials (posters, leaflets, brochures) are distributed annually to the members of the organization and to the interested persons. A special success is the publication of the first guide in Romanian (translation and adaptation of the famous Hamlyn guide text) for the identification and recognition of bird species. Last but not least, partnership with BirdLife International provides the Romanian Ornithological Society the opportunity to circumscribe its activity and strategy in the European and international context towards the same common goal: bird conservation and natural resources.
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