• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Institute
  • Founded2002

Romanian Training Institute (Institutul Roman de Training)

The Romanian Training Institute Association was founded in 2002 based on the belief that learning is a life-long journey, and since then they have contributed to this journey both through the development of the training function in Romania and through the training programs they develop and deliver. Values: - Quality: From needs analysis and training objectives, from manuals and materials, trainers, practical applications, to how to arrange training space and coffee breaks, all contribute to the quality and impact of the learning process. - Impact: They develop and implement training programs in which participants acquire information, abilities, moments of "a-ha!" That contribute to increasing the quality of life of each participant, whether it is about how to do a better business plan, how it can teach others, or how they can communicate better with their colleagues. - Creativity and Innovation: They believe that each group is unique and each training is different, they challenge creatively to think and find solutions when they hear something "can not", create learning contexts, and develop training teams that respond to the uniqueness of each group. - Contribution: To support participants' learning and after the training program is over, to develop resources, to create contexts of contribution, to share what they learn, to support educational projects. - Continuous Learning: They invest time and resources in their own personal and professional development and they are convinced that by just learning and developing themselves they can contribute to the learning journey of the participants in the training room.
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Company Offices

  • Romania (headquarters)
  • Strada Academiei Nr. 17, Etajul 3 București, 010014
  • Bucuresti 010014