• Organization TypeGovernment
  • Founded2019

Rural Agency (Agence Rurale) (New Caledonia)

The Rural Agency is responsible for: Price regulation of agricultural and agrifood products, Prevention and compensation for damage to the natural environment and agricultural areas, To ensure the preservation and sustainable management of watercourses and water resources, To participate in the financing of fire-fighting measures, To facilitate the access of producers in the agriculture and livestock sector to the factors of production necessary for their activity. Born from the merger of the ERPA (Establishment of Agricultural Price Control) and APICAN (Agency for Agricultural Disasters Indemnification or Natural), Rural Agency became operational on 1 st January 2019. Its creation, as a public establishment in New Caledonia, responds to a concern for consistency and fluidity in the monitoring of mechanisms: regulation of agricultural prices, prevention and compensation of damage in the event of natural disasters or health crises, management of signs of quality, studies, communication and prospective approaches. The Rural Agency aims to extend and harmonize the intervention mechanisms of the three provinces throughout the country. Thus, each farm, regardless of its location, will be treated according to the same procedures, which was not the case previously. The Rural Agency has also strengthened its support to the many organizations and associations whose action is particularly beneficial to New Caledonian agriculture: (Arbofruits, Repair, Biocalédonia, IFEL NC, UIVNC, Fédération des pécheurs hauturiers, UCS UPRA Calédonie Sélection, Conservatory of natural spaces NC, EDEC (Establishment of cervid breeding). The support of the Rural Agency thus concerns all sectors, plant, animal and fishing, through the establishment of a sign of quality, technical support, interprofessional coordination ...
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