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Rural Land Directorate (Cote d'Ivoire)

The Department of Rural Land and Rural Land Cadastre is the Technical Department of the Ministry of Agriculture in charge of the management of rural land activities. The Rural Land and Rural Cadastre Department's mission is to: Manage the State Rural Land Domain; Implement the rural land code (the application of the law n ° 98-750 of December 23, 1998 relating to the rural land field), in particular by actions of sensitization of the populations and training of the various actors in liaison with the Autonomous Service Legal Affairs; Investigate and manage land disputes in conjunction with the Independent Legal Affairs Service attached to the firm; Contribute and participate in the realization of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to support the reform of agriculture; Develop a rural land code; Contribute and participate in the development and implementation of land management policies for rural areas by ensuring the sustainability of farms and the rational use of rural areas; Develop and implement a rural cadastre. The Rural Land and Rural Cadastre Department has two sub-directorates for carrying out its missions: Rural Land Sub-Directorate, the Rural Cadastre Sub-Directorate. These subdirectories are organized into services.  The services are: Outreach and Capacity Building Service; The service of the follow-up of the issuance of the land certificates and the registration of the grounds; The litigation department; The service of the follow-up and the technical control of the delimitations of the soils and parcels; The documentation and archives service; The State Land Management Service; The Rural Land Information System (SIF); The communication service; The administrative and financial service; The typist pool.
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