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Salford Women’s Aid

Salford Women’s Aid is a local charity that offers a range of services to help and support women, men and children who are affected by domestic abuse. Everyone has the right to live their life free from fear, violence and abuse. Sometimes it is difficult to know what is happening and you can feel confused and unsure about whether you are in an abusive relationship and the options available to you. You may feel frightened, humiliated and isolated. Domestic violence/abuse is the systematic use of power and coercive control in an intimate or family setting. The violence and abuse can take many forms, including: intimidation, threats, isolation, physical and sexual violence, verbal abuse and manipulation, psychological and financial abuse and spiritual abuse. An abuser wants to exert power and control over his/her victim. Domestic violence is most commonly experienced by women and perpetrated by men. It is repetitive and life-threatening, and can destroy the lives of women and children. At Salford Women’s Aid they provide advice, information and support. For free confidential advice and information, if you need somewhere safe to stay or just want to talk to someone – they can help.
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  • Independent Domestic Violence Advocate: Mental Health
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  • Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA)
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