Sandy Negoce Prestation (SNPCI)

SNP-CI (Sandy Negoce Prestation) Civil engineering represents all the techniques of civil constructions. Civil engineers or civil engineers deal with the design, construction, operation and rehabilitation of construction works and infrastructure, which they manage to meet the needs of society, while ensuring public safety and the protection of the environment. Their varied achievements are mainly divided into five main areas of intervention: structures, geotechnics, hydraulics, transportation and the environment. The scope of application of SNPCI-civil engineering is very broad; it includes public works and the building. It includes: the structural work in general, regardless of the type of construction or building, such as skyscrapers. This field covers two distinct categories: the sizing of a new structure,  the rehabilitation of an existing structure, also called conservation of existing structures (expertise and / or intervention project); industrial buildings: factories, warehouses, tanks, etc. ;  transport infrastructure: roads, railways, engineering structures, canals, ports, tunnels, etc. hydraulic constructions: dams, dikes, jetties, etc. ; urban infrastructures: aqueducts, sewers, etc.
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Company Offices

  • Cote d Ivoire (headquarters)
  • Abidjan